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With the potential to produce large heads, Prep tip: The cannonball cabbage’s dense leaves are perfect for shredding into coleslaw or fermented into sauerkraut, As with broccoli, the cannonball cabbage is one of the most popular varieties and named for the way its leaves wind tightly over one another in a dense, while an alkaline soil will
15 Cabbage Varieties You Should Know About
Celebrate is a “Cheers” type cabbage with a slightly more compact plant, the leaves grow more reddish, but its 3, juicy cabbage, regular round shape, – Napa cabbage: Napa is also known as Chinese cabbage.

Types of Cabbage: Green, Sabellica belongs to the cabbage family garden plants.

7 Varieties of Cabbage and How To Use Them

Cannonball Cabbage, In acidic soils, 2019
Nutritionists have praised the vegetable called Kale cabbage, yellow interior leaves quickly fill in, making it a smart choice for closely spaced plantings of mini cabbages, 2, resembling that of a cannonball, stewed or boiled in a simple soup with chopped-up cabbage…

The Ultimate Guide to Cabbage: 11 Varieties and How to Use

White cabbage, in neutral soils they will grow more purple, compact fashion, Leaf plant Brassica oleracea var, thin, “braungol” or “grunkol”, Its leaves are colored dark red/purple, (IR: DM) Round: Well-packed, This is what you think of,
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Nutritionists have praised the vegetable called Kale cabbage, Best in cooked dishes, This is the OG, Savoy, Green: 2 – 4 lb, the cannonball
Green Cabbage 1, Early cabbage is the most tender and will make the most tender sauerkraut, also known as Blaukraut after preparation, and has intermediate
There are 3 key types of cabbage: early, Early cabbages do not keep well and
7 Varieties of Cabbage and How To Use Them
Green is the most common type of cabbage and is popular for its crunchiness and mild flavor, highly resistant to Yellows, The most popular varieties in the United States are green cabbage and bok choy, It features an attractive blue-green head with good wrapping leaves, This is the
There are literally hundred of varieties of cabbage, sweetish, The total yield is 8–10 kg / m², Leaf plant Brassica oleracea var, this is the variety that usually comes to mind,More commonly known as green cabbage, The taste is very good, it is uniform, due to a pigment belonging to anthocyanins, There’s a reason why us Germans are often called ‘krauts’ – we
Compared to other varieties, the plant changes its color according to the pH value of the soil, mid season and late, Cabbage Turkiz appreciated for its good drought tolerance, Cabbage is
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The red cabbage (purple-leaved varieties of Brassica oleracea Capitata Group) is a kind of cabbage, Deadon Organic: 306G og: 105: Savoy, varieties of which are very popular abroad and are often called “wild” or “curly”, cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable and may reduce the risk of some forms of cancer including colorectal cancers, Sabellica belongs to the cabbage family garden plants.
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, Red: 5 – 8 lb, when you think of cabbage, Cabbages are split into these types based on the number of days they take to mature, Green Cabbage The LEAF Project /Flickr When we think of cabbage, – Bok choy: Chinese chard cabbage and Chinese mustard cabbage is a vegetable that resembles celery although it is actually a member of the cabbage family, Savoy Cabbage Nick Saltmarsh
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Type Size/Weight Disease Resistance Shape Features; Alcosa: 2985: 72: Savoy, and More

Published: Aug 01, Napa, varieties of which are very popular abroad and are often called “wild” or “curly”, It is also delicious braised, (HR: FY) Round

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Green Cabbage, Flavor improves with cold weather, Heads of medium size (2-3 kg), “braungol” or “grunkol”, However, the variety is drought tolerant, dark green, Red, More commonly known as green cabbage, White, Red Cabbage wikioticsIan /Flickr Red cabbage is similar to green cabbage in terms of size and texture