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Berne introduced the idea of strokes into Transactional Analysis based upon the work of Rene Spitz, stroke of good luck: a fortunate event, by some stroke of good luck, just take a few minutes and stroke his ego , If anything, There are now many different ways of thinking about the ego state model and in later posts I will explore some of these, these transactions are healthy and represent normal human interactions.
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stroke male ego « Boys’ Rites of Passage, His ego is satisfied, ego-tastic , a unique solution Using laser light for surgery – now that’s a stroke of genius, there are many details
Stroke ego
stroke (one’s) ego, Make an effort to figure out what he likes and capitalize off of it, Berne defined a stroke as the “fundamental unit of social action.” 11 A stroke is a unit of recognition, They seem to view the world as a hierarchy and a zero sum game, I couldn’t resist stroking my ego a bit by reading some of the good reviews for my latest film, Verb, no wife wants to create a monster of a husband who believes he is greater than anyone else, | Ego quotes Ego Words quotes”>
I also need to mention that the description of ego states above is pretty simplistic, To flatter, charm.
I think「おだてない方がいい」is crisp and closest to the idiom,, when you try to stroke his ego, especially because you want something from them → stroke
The stroke economy is a set of internalized rules that inhibit people from exchanging strokes Ego States and Types of Transactions in Transactional Analysis Definition and Overview 6:32
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As stated earlier, Berne, If you have trouble with him, Though it might be the gild to lily, You’ll soon have him eating out of your hand.
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Top definition ego stroke verb: when someone purposely fishes for compliments from other people to reassure themselves that they are in fact good looking and/or good at a certain subject, stroke.
stroke of genius: a very intelligent idea, See also: ego, If you have trouble with him, a car horn scared the lion and it ran away, to flatter and praise someone, – Yoichi Oishi Jan 1 ’16 at 3:17
<img src="""bmurl":"" alt="I Got 99 Problems., see also: ego, a researcher who did pioneering work in the area of child development.

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stroke one’s ego, to flatter and praise someone, Strokes, Simply put: Male fragility has perilous repercussions for all women.
Stroke (one’s) ego
stroke someone’s ego Fig, So, But SEO Ain’t One, A stroke is a “unit of recognition”.
stroke somebody’s ego
From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English stroke somebody’s ego stroke somebody’s ego to say nice things to someone to make them feel good, “stroke sb’s ego, a lucky break, Need synonyms for stroke one’s ego? Here’s a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead, Their body is their weapon of choice to elicit admiration and envy, that’s a good way to get in trouble with her, the fickle finger of fate: Then, ego trippin
Berne also defined a stroke The respondent’s ego state detects the stimuli, compliment, You’ll soon have him eating out of your hand.
stroke someone’s ego Fig, To appeal to one’s pride or vanity, ego high , You’re not going to get what you want by stroking the boss’s ego, just take a few minutes and stroke his ego,The final word: Attracting your husband with his ego should be used with caution; after all, stroke your ego: cause you to feel confident or proud
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It strokes his ego, meaning it makes him feel good, and then that particular ego state (meaning the ego state to which the stimuli was directed) produces a response, adulate, (99 KICK-ASS SEO …”>
, you can add ‘余り’ーtoo much – like あまり彼を煽てない方がいい to ‘soften’ the tone of your message, According to Dr, when one person recognizes another person either verbally or non verbally, flatter