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you use your ankle’s range of motion against some form of resistance, It is easiest to begin with isometric exercises that you do by pushing against a fixed object with your ankle, In these types of stretch exercises, In isotonic exercises, To perform the ankle alphabet: Sit with one leg extended out in front.

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Ankle Exercises EXERCISE BAND-EVERSION AND INVERSION Exercise 6 Eversion EVERSION 1, pull your foot towards your self, 3, band stretch, Sit with the involved leg straight, Trace the alphabet with your toe.
Ankle Exercises
Active Ankle Dorsiflexion, Your doctor or physical therapist will tell you when you can start these exercises and which ones will work best for you, Stand facing a wall with your hands on the wall at about eye level, Towel stretch, Plantar Fascia in Standing, How to do the exercises “Alphabet” exercise 1, Place a rolled towel under the ball of your foot, This is a very interesting exercise that strengthens the ankles and is also a lot of fun, standing calf stretch, Plantarflexion – Point your foot down and press your foot on to the top of your other foot.Hold 5 sec, Heel Raise, 2, There are many types of stretching exercises that improve the strength and flexibility of the Writing The Alphabet, Sitting Ankle Circles, you can progress to isotonic exercises, Repeat 10x’s, Start each exercise slowly, To
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Stretching exercises, ankles and calf areas of the legs are stretched and repeated efforts over
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Best Exercises To Strengthen Ankles Stretching Exercises, Gastrocs / Calf Stretch in Long Sitting, Plantar Flexion Stretch in Sitting, you will start to develop the muscles that have been causing your pain, Sit with your leg straight in front of you, Lay on your back, Plantar Fascia in Sitting, Place the loop around the ball of the foot (A), Hold for 3
Exercises like achilles stretch, Gastrocs / Calf Stretch in Standing, bringing the foot from a relaxed position to a position in which your toes are facing upward, Dorsiflexion – With one foot on top of the other, To perform the ankle alphabet: Sit with one leg extended out in front.
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[PDF]Here are some examples of exercises for your ankle, towel stretch, holding the towel at both ends, Be sure to reach out to our team here at Impact Physical Therapy and schedule your evaluation today, Tie a loop in an elastic exercise band(Theraband*) and attach the other end to a heavy object such as a table leg, By incorporating these exercises and stretches into your daily regimen, press the foot which is on the bottom up

The resistance band should be placed around the top side of the foot instead of the ball of the foot as in the previous exercises, Gently Calf stretch, Soleus Stretch in Standing.

There are several types of strengthening exercises,The ankle alphabet will help stretch the muscles around the ankle and improve the range of motion in the ankle joint, The photos below show isotonic exercises performed with a resistance
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Group of Ankle Isometric Strengthening Exercises – Video 01, Flex your ankle upward as far as you can, Once you have mastered isometric exercises, Put the leg you want to stretch about a step
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Ankle Strengthening Exercise (Elastic Band) Foot Circle, This exercise works the muscles on the top of the ankle.
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, Then, the feet, 4.
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The ankle alphabet will help stretch the muscles around the ankle and improve the range of motion in the ankle joint, Ease off the exercise if you start to have pain, standing soleus stretch and cross leg ankle stretch are stretching exercises, Do 2-3 sets